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Drakensang Hack


Drankensang Hack


About the game

Drakensang is a 3D fantasy themed, browser based MMORPG type online game which is developed by Radon Labs and published by Bigpoint Games. Players must take part on a mysterious adventure in a medieval land that is captured by evil. As a brave Dragon-knight freedom fighter players must unite with the other fellow warriors to fight a ferocious war against evil, in this adventurous new game.

The player starts the game by choosing a starting character. There are a total number of twenty character classes, from which a player can choose his or her preferred one. However the players have different starting skill levels the character classes are not restricted as to what weapons they can use. The players can embed powerful spells into their weapons for strengthen them additionally in battles and challenge the opponents in the PvP Arena to showcase their skills. Players gain game currency on killing monsters and after completing quests, which they can be used to purchase different weapons and other in-game items. The game offers the players very attractive and engaging PVP combat experience in different PVP game modes. Drakensang game has total 20 levels with at most 24000 Adventure Points.

Drakensang Hack

Drakensang Hack is a tool that can provide a player very fast level up and ample amount of game currency. This Drakensang Hack tool is 100% working and safe. It has strong and integrated anti-ban protection, which can generate proxies almost instantly in order protect a player from being ban while playing this game. Moreover, this hack program is free from any kinds of errors and crushes. The users can find limitless amount of premium in-game benefits by using this amazing hack tool. Drakensang Hack has points hack and money hack feature which can provide a player following benefits.

Points Hack: After completing every assignment successfully the player receives Adventure Points (short AP). When a player can able to gather sufficient points for a specific level, he or she can advance to the next level. Drakensang point hack feature can generate any amount of points that can easily advance a player from one level to another within a very short time.

Money Hack: There are four types of game currencies (Farthing, Thaler, Ducat, and Andermant) which a player can use to buy different weapons, shields, armors etc. Players can generate ample amount of game currencies by using this money hack feature and improve his gaming experience.

Drakensang Hack is very easy to use. Any player can use this amazing tool just by following the steps bellow:

There is no need to manually install the updates for this Drakensang Hack as it has a built in auto update feature, which can automatically set up the new update files.

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