Dragon City Hack

Dragon City Hack


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Dragon City Hack

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Dragon City Hack


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Dragon City is a Facebook-based social game and it is developed by Social Point. This is a new and exciting game where the players can breed their own dragons and can create a new virtual world of magical islands. Here they can also combat against their opponents with a team of dragons.

In Dragon City, any player starts playing game from the magical dragon island where he or she create his or her dragons in the hatchery and grow them to earn more gold by placing them in the habitats. For placing the dragons successfully in order, the player needs to feed them with food that will be produced in his or her own farm. Dragons have a big appetite, so players must grow as much food as possible. In this game, there are 9 types of dragons. These are Earth, Fire, Water, Ice, Plant, Metal, Electric, Dark and Legend. Players need to breed more dragons to get more combinations. Then start combating with competitors in the island or in tournaments in the Stadium, try to defeat them and win precious Gems.

Dragon City Hack is a useful working tool by which any player can generate unlimited gold, unlimited gems and so on just by the click of a mouse. This tool can able to make this game easier and more interesting to any player. It has also anti-ban protection, so this tool is 100% trustworthy. This tool has some unique features including Gold Hack, Gems Hack and so on. All features and updates of this Dragon City Hack program are tested carefully to make sure that the players can use this program without having any kind of problems.

Gold Hack: This is a revolutionary hack tool that will enable players to generate infinite amount of gold virtually for Dragon City. By using this tool efficiently any player can create the greatest Dragon City that he or she can imagine.

Gems Hack: This hack tool allows the players getting a lot of no cost gems for their dragons.

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