Diamond Dash Hack

Diamond Dash Hack


1000, 2000, 3000 or even more gold and experience points in under 3 minutes

Diamond Dash Hack

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Diamond Dash Hack


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About the game

Diamond dash is an online puzzling browser based game which is available in Facebook and developed by Wooga, a social network game developer located in Berlin, Germany. A player can treat his or her brain to puzzling fun with Diamond Dash. Diamond Dash is a match-3 game where a player is presented a screen full of different colored blocks and the player’s job is to clear away groups of three or more, which he or she can do simply by clicking on them. Cleared blocks will be disappearing and new blocks will be pouring in continuously from the top. The goal of the player is to simply clear away as many as he or she can to get a high score. Diamond Dash has many different sessions and every session is restricted to its play just one minute for the players for every single session. So the players will have just 60 seconds to clear away as many colored blocks as possible and collect as many as points they can. After passing one session players can go to the next session or round. This game has gained a large popularity and more than 19 million users play it on Facebook.

Diamond dash Hack

A player can enrich his or her Diamond dash gaming experience by using a hack program. After completing several stages most of the players are failed to go to the next level. This time a hack program can help the players and provide the players test of new level. It is very difficult to find a 100% working hack program for Diamond dash, however a huge number of Diamond dash hack tools are available on Internet. But this Diamond dash hack tool can provide a player of 100% working assurance. This hack tool is completely free from any kind of error and crush. It has the following amazing features.

Experience Hack: Earning experience can unlock the power-ups like explosive blocks and such. One of the great tricks of this game is to use this experience hack feature. This will speed up the functions of the game by generating more and more experience points, which will unlock the power ups that will allow the bombs to blow up the entire screen so gaining up infinity amount of points.

Gold Hack: Players need life to play this game continuously. A player can gain life automatically over the time by buying it with game currency i.e. Gold. This Diamond dash gold hack feature allows a player to generate infinite amount of gold and so lives instantly that will help the player to play this game without any interruptions.

Others important features of this hack tool:

Just download the hack program, log in the game and run the hack program. Enter the amount that anyone needs and finally hit the ‘Start Hack’ button.

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